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BeautyTrack Dental Sticks For Teeth Care And Oral Care Tooth Pick Set

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BeautyTrack Dental Sticks For Teeth Care Pack Of 5

  • BeautyTrack dentist tools are perfect for you, professionally made for teeth cleaning kit.
  • Remove plaque and tartar by yourself at home just like dentist do, without the expensive cost and time.
  • You can clean your teeth wherever or whenever you want - and that's why you'll have clean teeth.
  • Plus - our premium quality tools offer a much more deep clearing on your teeth.
  • BeautyTrack dental oral care tooth pick set can be used both for professional dentists and personal use as well, for oral dental care for removing heavy tartar and bacteria
Premium Quality Stainless Steel Dental Tools.
  • The five dental oral care tooth pick set comes professionally packaged with an instruction leaflet and with a free pocket sized carry bag.
  • So you can easily take the tools with you wherever you go - so achieving your personal goals has never been easier!
  • Made from stainless steel
Dental Probe ~ Remove food between the teeth
Sickle Scaler ~ Clean in hard to reach places in the mouth
Dental Tweezers ~ Stainless Steel

Anti-Fog Mirror ~ Perfect to see teeth inside of the mouth

Dental Tool Kit Includes:

  1. Dental mouth inspection mirror with extra long handle.
  2. Dental thick end probe single sided.
  3. Dental scaler double sided.
  4. Dental periodontal scaler.
  5. Dental tweezers
  6. User manual Instruction Included.
Comes in free black carry case.

Available in different packs

Get Ready To Become A Raving Fan!
  • BeautyTrack dental care tools are unused, unopened that prevent plaque and stains from stuffing your teeth.
  • We know how important our relationship is with you so we'll only provide you with best product and service or your money back!
  • Add your dental oral care tooth pick set to your basket to experience the BeautyTrack customer satisfaction phenomenon!