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BeautyTrack Hairdressing Scissors Set Cobra Style Shears Black 6.0 Inch

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BeautyTrack Hairdressing Scissors Set Cobra Style Shears Black 6.0 Inch

  • Good scissors are an investment and might serve you a lifetime.
  • These scissors have razor sharp blades which cut the hair rather snapping them apart.
  • That is the reason why these scissors will never cause hair split ends and even will help to reduce hair split ends.
  • This product is superbly made to the highest specification and undergoes rigorous quality control testing.
  • Made of Japanese steel (J2) which is the hardest steel available for hair cutting scissors because it lasts forever and holds blade edges very well.
  • It has been made for professionals with extra attention paid to the craftsmanship.
  • Given that you take very good care of them and literally treat them as members of the family.

“Quality cobra hairdressing scissors at reasonable prices” is how our customers describe BeautyTrack.”

Key Features:
★Brand new BeautyTrack hairdressing scissors set
★Sharp blades get you smooth cut and grooming.
★Fully guaranteed against all faults
★Useful for wet and dry hair.
★Hand made brilliant quality.
★Fixed finger rest.

BeautyTrack hairdressing scissors set cobra style 6.0 inch (15.24 cm)
Design: cobra design shears
Finger Rest: fixed finger rest
Type: professional hairdressing scissors set
Size: 6.0 inch
Material: Japanese steel J2
Color: black

Scissor Set Includes:
1 x cobra hair cutting scissor 6'
1 x cobra hair thinning scissor 6'

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