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BeautyTrack Hairdressing Scissors Set Skeleton Style Shears 5.5 Inch Multi

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BeautyTrack Hairdressing Scissors Set Skeleton Style Shears 5.5 Inch Multi

  • Made of Japanese steel (J2) which is the hardest steel available for hair cutting scissors because it lasts forever and holds blade edges very well.
  • These scissors have razor sharp blades which cut the hair rather snapping them apart.
  • That is the reason why these scissors will never cause hair split ends and even will help to reduce hair split ends.
  • This product is superbly made to the highest specification and undergoes rigorous quality control testing.
  • It has been made for professionals with extra attention paid to the craftsmanship.
  • Good scissors are an investment and might serve you a lifetime.
  • Given that you take very good care of them and literally treat them as members of the family.
  • That is why, BeautyTrack brings you Professional Hairdressing Scissors.

“Quality hairdressing scissors at reasonable prices” is how our customers describe BeautyTrack.”

Key Features:
★Brand new BeautyTrack hairdressing scissors set
★Sharp blades get you smooth cut and grooming.
★Fully guaranteed against all faults
★Useful for wet and dry hair.
★Hand made brilliant quality.
★Extra long sculptured finger rest.

BeautyTrack hairdressing scissors set multi skeleton style limited edition 5.5 inch (13.97 cm)
Design: skeleton style shears
Finger Rest: remove-able finger rest
Type: professional hairdressing scissors set
Size: 5.5 inch
Material: Japanese steel J2
Color: multi

Scissor Set Includes:
1 x hair cutting scissor 6'
1 x hair thinning scissor 6'

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