BeautyTrack Classic Hand Shaving Razor Muti Listing

  1. Supreme quality brand new BeautyTrack professional hand razor for real men.
  2. Cut throat razor with the ease of using replaceable blades.
  3. All BeautyTrack straight razors are built with premium quality standards.

Brand New, Top Quality, Light Weight, Finely Balanced, Clip-On Style, Lockable Style.
A recommended shaving razor and must have for barber, hairdresser, hair salon and personal use.

For A perfect shave:
♥ Prep your bread by holding a warm cloth on it or gently massage it with warm water.
♥ Apply shaving cream via brush on your face to build up a decent amount of lather.
♥ Before carrying on to shaving, let the lather dry for a few seconds to soften the hair.
♥ Put in a fresh blade in your BeautyTrack straight shaving razor barber cut throat razor and your ready to shave!

RAZOR SIZE: 12 cm long
COLOUR: Black, Silver, Blue, Red+Black, White+Red
STYLE: Clip-on

BeautyTrack Razor Contains:
1 x black straight razor
1 x pack of razor blades
1 x manual instruction