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Our guide to hairdressing Scissors

Our guide to hairdressing Scissors

Ask a hairdresser about their scissors and they will tell you how wonderful they are. A hairdressing scissor is a versatile tool used in salons in different techniques to provide numerous options for various effects throughout one single haircut. At BeatyTrack, these scissors are available in many sizes with so many useful features and may even become an addiction as you start collecting them. A Good scissor is an investment and might serve you a lifetime if you take very good care of them. Choosing the right Hairdressing scissors is essential, as they become an extension of your hand and start reflecting the personality you are.

Not to get lost in the variety of options as we have put together a guide on how to pick your perfect pair of scissors and maintain them in a longer run.

What are the right scissors for you?

It is very important to measure the length of the blade against your middle finger and the total length of the scissors against the palm of your hand while choosing a good pair of scissors. 

When left-handed stylists use right-handed scissors, they tend to put more tension on their hands and hence left-handed people need to use the right tools. Left-handed scissors come with a sharp edge of the top blade on the left-hand side of the blade.

Make sure the holes on scissor handles are not loose or sloppy, as this may put extra pressure on your hand. Use plastic inserts to reduce the size of the finger holes.

Most of the brands design their scissors in a way that it reduces the amount of pressure on hands and arms and minimizes pains that you might eventually suffer from when standing behind the chair all day long. Different ergonomic styles available are – double swivels, swivels, and offset.

Scissors are available in a variety of sizes. 4.5″ and 5.5″ scissors give better precision when cutting hair. While bigger scissors (6″ and above) are better for techniques like scissor over comb. The majority of experts consider this to be better because the time taken to complete the scissor over comb technique is less. Yes, it may be faster, but smaller size scissors also do the same job, slower but more accurate and refined way. A hairdresser should carry a variety of scissors so as to create any haircut with the appropriate tool. It is recommended to cut the top with smaller scissors to create your shape, and the larger scissors to blend with scissors over a comb.

Maintaining your tools

Clean your scissors with a damp towel every day. Oiling scissors is required at least once a week and whenever you are not using your scissors, put them away in the case safely. Get your scissors serviced at least once a year for smooth functionality.

Scissors may serve you for many good years given that you choose them carefully and maintain them regularly.

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